Firearms Storage and Fees: 

Inbound to Alaska and Travel Time

If your travel will be longer than two weeks after the arrival of your firearm(s) in Alaska, we suggest that you have your shipper delay shipment to a specified date. Storage fees begin on the 14th day after receiving your package(s).

Outbound from Alaska

When you drop off your firearm for outbound shipment from Alaska, we can delay sending out your package for up to 13 days at your request for no additional charge.
Storage fees begin on the 14th day after dropping off your package(s).

If you are shipping USPS and not using one of our preferred dealers to receive your gun(s), finding a Federal Firearms Licensee and getting them to send us a copy of their FFL in a timely manner is your responsibility. More on FFL searches below.

Estimated Shipping Times

USPS Priority takes 3 to 5 business days inbound or outbound. This is the fastest and most economical method to and from Tok, Alaska.

FedEx Overnight to Tok, Alaska can take up to 10 days. Outbound from Alaska: 2 to 4 days.

UPS Next Day Air to Alaska can take 5 to 10 days. Outbound from Alaska: up to 10 days.

The important thing when sending us or dropping off a gun for shipment is communication

Abandoned guns will be sold cheap in lieu of payment.

 Storage Fees

Firearms received or dropped off for shipment may be stored at no charge for 13 calendar days. The day they are accepted counts as day one. Beyond 13 days will accrue storage fees. 

The minimum storage fee is $30.00 per gun and due on the 14th day after receiving your gun(s), plus $1.00 for each consecutive calendar day after the 14th day.


·         1st 13 days        no charge

·         $30.00 for the 14th day

·         $1.00 for day 15 and each day after that until day 30.

·         $3.00for day 31 and each day afterwards if no communication.

·         Day 45 without payment or communication: firearms and accessories are forfeit.

Please, don’t drop off your gun and forget about it; you will lose it. Call or email us.

FFL dealer/shipping or receiver search–$30

Finding an FFL holder to receive guns consigned to be shipped through the US Mail in a timely manner is the responsibility of the gun owner. Searching for an FFL holder can be arduous and very time-consuming. We will provide the service for $30. However, We are not responsible for how the receiving party treats your guns. For instance, if we locate a receiving party for your package stateside, it is your responsibility to be aware of their state gun laws and the receiver’s policies. They will probably treat it as a transfer even though it is already your gun and not a true transfer.

Handguns treated as a transfer may only be transferred to a resident of the state in which they are receiving it after paperwork, a background check, and compliance to any other state and local laws.