IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE FEDEX. All FedEx packages will be refused. Call us for options before shipping.

If you are interested in becoming one of our Preferred Dealer/Shippers for non-transfer gun shipping for customers shipping their own firearms between our licensed addresses, please contact us. 907-251-1216 or email

For a copy of our FFL, please email a PDF or jpeg copy of your FFL and we will return send a copy of ours.

For customers shipping their own guns via private carrier or for dealers handling private shipments, the labels MUST be correct. EXAMPLE LABEL. Please put the customer’s mobile phone number on the package.

A tourist or someone moving to Alaska cannot receive a transferred handgun until they establish residency. We rarely handle transfers; we’re too busy in the summer with shipping and receiving personally owned firearms.

Non-transfer firearms shipments do not log into the A&D book and only qualify as non-transfer when the customer is not selling or giving away their firearm.

A package addressed to a customer cannot be opened by the c/o FFL, but only the c/o FFL can receive the package, meaning the customer can’t go to the PO and retrieve their package to avoid the receiving fee. The FFL can hand over the package without opening it, but we have the customer open their package, and we log the firearm data on their receipt since we charge for each firearm. This prevents dishonesty and creates a paper trail we have never needed.

USPS Flat Rate Priority is the fastest and most economical method for shipping handguns to Tok, Alaska. Adding Adult Signature is advisable—our Tok PO postmaster thinks it is a regulation, but I have not seen this in the statutes since 2011. Adding Adult Signature will keep our postmaster from having a hairball event.

We do not accept FedEx in Tok as they are extremely unreliable in our rural community; they lost a firearm package and once gave a firearm package to an individual whose name was not on the label. UPS is okay, but their policy requires Next Day Air, which runs over $200 per handgun and can take a week to get to us.

Incorrect labels will be refused.

All labels need to be created as follows:

From: John Doe

C/O ‘FFL Dealer’s Name’

123 Scattergun Rd.

Blastemville, Co 98765

To: John Doe

C/O Wolfhawk Shipping

PO Box 1004

Tok, Alaska 99780

(Customer’s mobile #)