How to Ship Your Long Gun to Alaska

IMPORTANT: When you go to ship your long gun you must declare that you are shipping a gun with the shipper.

Long guns: rifles & shotguns with barrel lengths 18 in. or longer may be shipped to Alaska by private citizens shipping their own firearms from themselves, to themselves, and in care of (C/O) a resident of the state.

Receiving Cost is $55.00 per long gun. See Pricing.

Shipping Fee is $80.00 per long gun and must be in a hard case, plus shipping, insurance, and adult signature. See Cost Details. $130.00 per long gun if we provide the hard case. We usually have low-cost hard cases available for purchase.

Handguns cannot be shipped USPS by private citizens. See Shipping Your Handgun for more options.

When you are ready to ship your gun go to one of our Preferred Licensed Gun Dealers, drop off your firearm(s), and ask them to ship your package to Wolfhawk Shipping in Tok, Alaska.

Our address is:
Wolfhawk Shipping
PO Box 1004
Tok, Alaska 99780

See our example shipping label.

Things to Avoid When Shipping Your Gun

Improper Package Label: If the label is not addressed correctly it becomes a “Transfer”. Your package cannot be addressed from one party to another. That will make it a Transfer. A handgun transfer requires government proof of residency. So be sure to

  • Send your rifle or shotgun From You; To You, C/O Wolfhawk Shipping.

An FFL shipper is not required for non-transferred long guns but you must declare firearms with the shipper and follow our Label Example.

Be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions.