Gun Shipping from Alaska to the Contiguous 48 States

Shipping your personally owned firearms from yourself and to yourself is legal and not a transfer. Some gun dealers know this but most do not and the majority from both groups will treat your own gun as a transfer anyway. Shipping to one of our Preferred Dealers is the easiest and most hassle-free method.

Some customers prefer shipping their guns from Alaska to their home state and city and do not mind transferring their guns when it is not necessary. Technically, this involves transferring the firearm(s) from ‘Customer’ to Wolfhawk and from Wolfhawk to ‘Hometown FFL’ and from ‘Hometown FFL’ to Customer. In addition to extra unnecessary paperwork and a background check, which you already submitted when you first purchased the gun, you MUST be a resident of the state you are receiving if it is a handgun.

Shipping handguns falls under different regulations and policies than long guns.

Shipping Long Guns from Alaska to the Lower-48

Long guns refer to rifles with a barrel length 16 inches or longer and shotguns with barrel length 18 inches or longer, both with 26 inches overall length or greater.

Personally owned long guns can be shipped without an FFL in the US Mail from yourself to yourself in care of a resident of the state you to which you are shipping it. You must declare that you are shipping a long gun.

This is also legal using private carrier but perceived policies by FedEx and UPS employees vary on the need of a sending or receiving FFL and required speed of shipment. They don’t need to show you the policy in writing and you will probably have a hard time finding it since the URL changes frequently.

We can ship your long gun for you even though you probably don’t need us. Since you are technically shipping your own gun under our ‘care of’ and from our licensed address, you are the responsible party and should know and follow state and local laws where you plan to receive your package.

Most states follow federal law but there are a few tyrannical locations with oppressive gun laws similar to those of Canada. These are usually high crime areas where lawful citizens are banned from self-defense, where their 2nd Amendment rights have been infringed upon, and only the criminals and cops have guns. This gives criminals a distinct advantage knowing that their victims are unarmed.

Your long gun can be shipped to your residence. If you are not a resident of the state to which you are shipping your long gun, a C/O ‘Resident of the State‘ must be added below your name on the label.

Shipping Handguns from Alaska to the Lower-48

The fastest and least expensive method of shipping your handgun is USPS and using one of our Preferred Dealers will make it hassle-free. We can use your choice of FFL dealer but they will probably treat it as a transfer and you must be a resident of the state for that. If using your own dealer, we require an email from them clearly stating the shipment they are receiving will not be treated as a transfer and will not go in the A&D book. Actual transfers will incur an additional $100 transfer fee per firearm on top of our shipping fees, shipping costs, adult signature, and insurance.

We can ship your handgun via private carrier directly to your residence or if you’re not a resident of the state to which you are shipping your handgun, a C/O ‘Resident of the State‘ must be added below your name on the label. We recommend FedEx when shipping outbound from Tok, Alaska. UPS is available as well but slower than FedEx. Both require Express methods and remote pickup/air freight to Fairbanks. Shipping one handgun via private carrier Overnight Express with the air freight, insurance, and our fee can be expensive and depending on the weight and dimensions of the package will run approximately $200.00 for one handgun.