Step-by-step Guide to Handgun Shipping to Alaska

If you’ve decided the care-of shipping option is best for you, just follow the steps below.

1. Plan Your Route

Plan when and where you will drop off and pick up your gun, coinciding with one of our preferred FFL (Federal Firearms Licence) dealer locations. Allow four weekdays for USPS, and three for UPS. Please note, our post office in Tok, Alaska, is closed on weekends and holidays.

2. Package your Gun

This step is not necessary when using our preferred dealers.

Package your gun in a USPS flat rate box unless using one of our preferred dealers—They have everything and know how to correctly package and label your firearm(s). Do not seal the box until it has been checked by the FFL dealer shipping the package.

3. Label your Package

This step is not necessary when using our preferred dealers.


C/O (Care Of) FFL Dealer Name
FFL Dealer address

C/O Wolfhawk
PO Box 1004
Tok, Alaska, 99780

Include an adult signature. See example of a properly written label, go here: (

4. Insure your Gun

For information on insurance, contact your chosen shipping company.

5. Notify Wolfhawk Gun Shipping

Call, text, or email us with the following information:

  1. Your estimated date of arrival (EDA) in Tok, Alaska,
  2. Your name, email, and mobile phone number.

Our contact information:

  • Phone: 907-251-1216
  • Email:

6. Drop off your Gun

Take your handgun(s) and magazines to the FFL dealer (see our preferred dealer list), and ask them to ship to:

Wolfhawk Shipping
C/O you, the owner
PO Box 1004
Tok, Alaska, 99780

7. Travel to Alaska

Have your gun shipping receipt handy for customs. 24 hours before arriving in Tok, call, text, or email Wolfhawk with an updated EDA.

Here again, is our contact info:

Some other important things to know:

  1. Ammo can’t be shipped except by sea.
  2. Up to 5,000 rounds can be carried through Canada without a permit.

8. Pick Up Your Gun

Upon arrival in Tok, call 907-251-1216, and we’ll meet you at our office at: Mile 1313 Alaska Hwy Tok, Alaska 99780.
This is next to Jorgensen Realty and 40 Mile Air, and diagonally across from Fast Eddies Restaurant. Note: We are open Mon-Sat from 10am-4pm. We are closed on Sunday.

Once at our office you will:

  1. Show us your ID.
  2. Open your package
  3. We’ll log your gun data on your receipt.
  4. Pay Wolfhawk for handling

9. And you’re done!