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Can I Drive with Canada to Alaska with Guns?

Driving Through Canada to Alaska: What Firearm to Bring? Answer: Shotgun Driving through Canada to Alaska is a wonderful experience. The majestic landscapes never cease to fill me with awe. Once you pass into Western Canada, the majority of the remainder of your journey will be

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RV Dump Station in Quartzsite, Arizona

Barb and I are new to RV-ing. I had no clue to the septic dump procedure. The last thing I wanted was to show up at a dump site and, through my own ignorance, make a spectacle of myself like Robin Williams’ character, Bob Munro, in

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IWB Holsters – Uncomfortable but Comforting

I have been carrying concealed for many years now and until recently have not found a comfortable inside the waistband holster. Being armed is comforting but why must it be uncomfortable? I began with cheap off-the-shelf varieties and did not like any of them. Then I

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